Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Day in the Life of the Zadar Elders

Wake up at 6:30ish and pray.

Do some random stretches, while Elder James still "prays".

Exercise while Elder James still "prays".

We have the usual healthy breakfast.

Take forever to pick out our outfits.

We get ready.

But mostly we get distracted by selfies.

Personal Study prayers.

Very spiritual, revelation receiving personal study.

Transfer Board instead of singing.

Comp Study prayer.

Read the White Handbook. (Cyrillic)

Companionship Study in the other room, because it is warmer.

Then we go contacting.

5 Minutes later we take a Mentos break because we get tired.

Have a very expensive, filling lunch.

Today was Saturday, so we weekly planned! That's where we talk about all our investigators and what we want to teach them, how we can help them, how we can help the members, how we can improve, itd.
Aka we have no investigators.

Get ready for bed

Smell our shirts to make sure they don't smell that bad for church tomorrow.

Write in my journal.


Go to sleep. (Eventually)